January 24th, 2018


Life is not all about money.
It can’t be.
Connections are not all about money.
It can’t be.
Work is not all about money.
It can’t be.

Life, connections, and work teach us
lessons on our evolutionary path.
Our evolutionary path serves a
greater design, beyond all current worldly affairs.
That’s what it is.

© Jan 24, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


January 22nd, 2018

rainbow in sky
clouds lighten up
fleeting standstill

© Jan 21, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


January 18th, 2018


Am I a choice?
Am I to choose?
Are my choices limitless?
Are my choices predestined?
Are my choices not clearly defined?
Am I to choose between
Conservative or progressive?
Am I to define myself according to
Current popular views?
Am I not a unique creation of the
All-encompassing divine energy?

I might be a manifestation just as
Walt Whitman wrote:
“I am large―I contain multitudes.”

© Jan 18, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


January 16th, 2018


What keeps our mind occupied day and night?

It’s neither love nor games or success.
It’s actually something nobody should do without.
We live in a bubble which exerts its influence on our health.
No life ever happens in a void.
All life is part of a design in constant flux.
At times we experience great achievements.
At other times we seem to relapse into a state of utter ignorance!
But at every turn we cherish health as a great good.

What can I contribute?

-Expand your horizon! Be curious! Be in the know!-

If we understand the background better,
We have a better understanding of the here and now.
Actually, we can be pro-active and more selective in our choices.
All existence is based on universal rules,
But we not always grasp their subtle significance and depth.
Our essence and consciousness is a reflection from the beyond,
But it’s a filtered reflection tailored to the here and now.
A filtered reflection keeping us alert to specific tasks in the here and now,
Which at times filters out other meaningful interrelations.

What can we change?

Everything in the Universe has some underlying causes.
The course of the Universe is an evolutionary path.
And the evolutionary path is all-encompassing.
Every aspect of nature and life is part of it,
Including diseases that befall nature and people.
Diseases effect people as well as everything else in nature.
Diseases are not manufactured by individuals.
Individuals don’t create singular diseases affecting whole societies.
Diseases are the result of socio-economic changes and progress as well.
Society is responsible for the diseases in different epochs.
And society needs to be held accountable for the diseases they cause.

What is my responsibility?

Looks can be deceiving! and we are not always aware of the underlying danger.
What might looks tempting may contain dangerous toxins.
A banana looks pretty good to us and tastes pretty good too.
We don’t taste everything that is in our food and water.
Pesticide residues don’t announce their presence.
But they certainly affect our individual cells in some way.
Science and studies work hand in hand to help us to better understand.
It’s a fact; chemical-based sunscreen is highly toxic to the coral reefs.
Just as sunscreen washed off our body is bad news for coral reefs around the globe,
So are all the toxic elements that devastate our air, land and water resources.
Industrialization is the major cause for poisoned air, land and water.

Do you really think that all the chemical pollution to our crops, animal feeds, animals that we consume and all the sea animals that are part of the food chain have no effect on the global health of this world?

Not to forget all the pharmaceutical waste that is globally shared with our land and water resources.
Where do you think the toxic chemical elements emitted by methanol plants go?
They are also globally shared where our crops grow and with the water where our fish resources live.
And all the medication given to animals which we consume directly or through their products.
In my mind there is no doubt that all this has an effect on our food resources and ultimately the health of our bodies.
Individuals do carry a certain responsibility for their actions,
But we should not be held accountable for something that we did not deliberately cause.

What do we need to do?

-Be just! Be strong! Be kind!-

Are we responsible when our individual cells react to invaders that we never personally invited into our food chain?
Aren’t these invaders now worldwide in the environment and wreck globally havoc on our health?
Are we responsible for diseases caused by unknown factors to us? I don’t think so.
Pesticide residues in the nurturing fruit as the banana are invisible and tasteless.
They are a danger to anyone who consumes them.
And not only are the consumers of these bananas subjected to this danger,
Farm workers on conventional plantation farms who are coming in contact with the pesticides are directly in the path of dangerous toxins.
The farm workers who come directly in contact with pesticides are pained more often than farm workers on bio farms with dizziness, vomiting or cell changes, which increase the risk for acquiring some kind of cancer.
Considering that diseases are induced through the worldwide industrialization and man-made changes, diseases are a problem that the society is responsible for and needs to be held accountable for.
Society benefits from socio-economic growth,
But it is also responsible for arising problems due to man-made changes in the environment.
There are no isolated environments in this bubble.
All of these occurrences are shared with the whole world.

Culture and life are closely related synonyms.
Culture’s and life’s end is death.
In an ever repeating pattern cultures decay,
And things are simply over and a new epoch has arrived.

© Jan 16, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


January 5th, 2018

chilling air
frigid days and nights
skating on ice

© Jan 5, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


December 31st, 2017


I exist between thirty-one and one.
I exist less than a fraction of a minute.
I’m a moment of a transcendent thought.
I’m part of prayers, hopes, wishes, and events.
I’m in numbers and of numbers.

Actually, I exist between four and one.
Double-digit numbers can be reduced to single-digits numbers.
Single-digit numbers are the foundation stones of all other numbers.
Just add number three, zero and one to arrive at foundation number four.

Four, the energy field of transformative substance and an orderly system.
A supporting energy field for the activities of number one.
Number one, the unifying and dominating force initiating activities.

I’m an energy field shared with the whole universe.
I’m in solitude and all the activities of the world.
I’m the source of anything in existence.
I’m the energy field that manifests everything.
I’m the force that leaves nothing unchanged.

My existence is not attached to any religion or any other beliefs.
Let the new beginning be part of a course toward progress and justice.
Let the new year evolve in a better direction than what we have experienced so far.

© Dec 31, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


December 29th, 2017


I walked in the past,
I’m walking now,
I’ll walk in the future.

I always exist―in any form and shape.

My spirit manifests everything,
But not everything is designed to remain the same forever.

All systems evolve through experiences.
Some are enjoyable and some are just plain horrible.
But how do you evolve if everything stays the same?

Dynasties come and go,
Cultures develop and vanish,
Nature flourishes and changes.

I have times when I’m very productive.
At other times I’m just lazy or not of much use,
Though I prevail and evolve.

What I don’t do in this lifetime, I’ll do in another.

Time is only a constraint for certain activities,
The evolutionary process of the Universe has none.
I am, as any other manifestation, a participant in an ongoing process.

All the while I share ideas to brighten people’s life.
I work myself to death so that my children and their children have a better life.
I contribute in numerous ways to the progress and wealth of this world.
But where does it go?
Who is really profiting from it?
People who utilize ideas to only enrich themselves?
This is not why people share knowledge and their ideas.
There are people who want to better the lives of all.
People want real progress for the world and not just a gilded few who know how to take advantage of an unjust system.

Life is a collaborative endeavor.

Everything contributes in some way to the development of this planet and also the Universe.
I am part of nature.
Nature is my complementary partner,
And we support each other.
Without collaboration this system will destroy itself in a big way and sooner as anticipated.

I designed a system that evolves through experiences.
It does not matter how good or bad the experiences are.
The evolutionary process goes on.
And there will be an end to a system that was not meant to be forever.
Though at the end I’ll still exist, it will be in a different system.

© Dec 29, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


December 25th, 2017


Life―a journey of movement and change.
Life enriches and deepens our appreciation of just being.

I Am!
I am a path!
I am a vista!
I am a venue!

―A venue of a great design with diverse, multiplied patterns.―

Patterns of movement integrating us on different venues under one heaven.
One heaven―our shared ancestry.

© Dec 25, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


December 19th, 2017


Patience! an intangible gift
A gift that extends moments
No matter how good or bad the moment
Patience! the universal energy
Which lies beyond any activities
The silence beyond words
The silence beyond activity
The silence of just being

© Dec 19, 2017 MUSE (Ute Elisabeth Sonja Medley)


December 15th, 2017


I’m walking down a dark empty street.
My hope is waning, I’ve seen better days.

Drones are flying over my head,
They deliver goods to their customers.
My body stiffens, my mind is raising,
I raise my arm and shake wildly my hand
Towards heaven and scream angrily,
“You took my job, my life, my dignity!”

Suddenly the scales are falling from my eyes.
I see, though the drones took my job,
They work for me and I not for them.
They supposed to make life easier, not harder.
They are the servants to life.
Their work replaces people’s work.
We work with them and they work for us.

Since the beginning of humanity’s path
People share ideas to better the life of all.
All progress is built on ideas.
—Many people contribute to something worthwhile for the betterment of life—
People share ideas not for just a few select,
But for the common good of society.

All work is a combined effort of many.
—People and nature—
Therefore, work replaced by drones or machine-operated systems needs to be taxed, too.

Sometimes the answer is as clear as day and night.
We just have to adjust our perception to the changes of time.

© Dec 15, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)