November 17th, 2018

remnants of summer
Irish wild flowers hang on—
a feast for the eyes

© Nov 17, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


November 17th, 2018

morning fog lifting
green meadows accentuate
frothy water waves

© Nov 17, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


November 17th, 2018

changing times—
sky reveals to all
half-faced moon

© Nov 15, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


November 17th, 2018

winter chills—
offset by luscious
trees and plants

© Nov 15, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


November 17th, 2018

hail showers
leo‘s toasty coat
shakes it off

© Nov 15, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


November 14th, 2018

whipping winds
sub-tropical plants
don’t give in

© Nov 14, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


October 8th, 2018

burning sun
whispering earth souls
life unfolds….

© Sep 30, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


August 15th, 2018


I am a woman with flaws
I am a woman
I am

I am a lotus in the cosmos
I am the cosmos
I am

I am a flaw in the universe
I am the universe
I am

© 8/13/2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


July 5th, 2018

Thoughts: Accuracy Matters

The relevant date for the Declaration of Independence was July 2, 1776. This date has had a profound impact on the future of the United States. The single-digit value of this date is number 3 (7+2+1776=1785 and 1+7+8+5=21 and 2+1=3).

Number 3 is the single-digit numerical equivalent of the official name of the United States of America. The metaphysical influences of number 2 and 3 play a pivotal part in the history of the USA.

Freedom, a 7 letter word with numerological equivalent of number 3, inspires us through number 7 to reach for something higher while we are presented with many challenges manifested through number 3. Freedom shows up in thousands challenges in which we participate through a few or many.

We are all meant for some kind of purpose. Every purpose serves for the greater universal cosmic design. Sometimes the purpose is very special and unique. Not every purpose needs millions of copies to grow and spread. Energy fields manifest that purpose.

© July 4, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)

Article “Congress votes for independence”


Thoughts: Number Eleven and Ten

When I listened to a radio talk show this morning, I listened to people expressing their perspective on the deeper purpose of the activity of meditation. Personally, I think that we can achieve a profound reassuring and calm state of well-being through repetitive tasks by focusing on just one simple activity and slowly moving to a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. I know I put myself in this condition while only pulling weeds in my garden. I found this activity very reassuring. Maybe I just had the right approach. My mind became very clear and my emotional state was very calm, while I focused only on this activity. Today I wondered whether the metaphysical properties for the numerical equivalent of this concept would hold up to its purpose.

The numerical equivalent for the word ‘meditation’ is number eleven (M=13/4, E=5, D=4, I=9, T=20/2, A=1, T=20/2, I=9, O=15/6, N=14/5 and 4+5+4+9+2+1+2+9+6+5=47 and 4+7=11). When I look at the characteristics of number eleven, I see clearly that these properties help to balance a state of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and other disturbances that conflict with our mind and emotional well-being. And even the poem for number eleven expresses subtly the purpose for the concept of meditation. The support system for the concept ‘meditation’ are the ten letters. The poem to number ten expresses the assisting function of number ten for achieving this concept. Number ten encompasses beginning and end – like inhaling, exhaling – in a repetitive cycle while being in a state of rest and equilibrium.

© May 22, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)



Thoughts: Number Six (1+5=6) and Three

In light of the recent events, I would like to talk about the subtle influence of the single-digit number 6, derived from number 15 (1+5=6), and being internalized in the numerical energy field of the entity ‘gun’. The numerical equivalent for the entity ‘gun’ is the number 15 and/or 6 (G=7, U=21/3, N=14/5 and 7+3+5=15 and 1+5=6). As you can read on my website SUM UNIVERSAL, the inherent properties of number 6 are generative and service-oriented. Now you may be wondering what these properties have to do with the function of a gun. As we all know, a gun used by one person is supposed to do harm to another person or animal. At first this does not seem to coincide with a generative mode. However, the gun functions as a service-oriented tool in the hands of humans. A gun serves its owner–not necessarily to create life, but death. Nevertheless, the generative properties are recognizable here as well, because birth and death are part of the generative life process. Therefore, the inherent influence of the entity ‘gun’ also corresponds to the properties of number six. I would also like to point out that in number 15 numbers 1 and 5 work together to achieve the characteristics of number six. Number 1, a dominant and initiating force, creates under the influence of number 5, which operates under freedom and independence, while being under the flux of change, a new relevance. And the three letters for the entity ‘gun’ serve as the support system, whereby number 3 internalizes the characteristics of completion and diversity. Let me remind you that the numerical equivalent for the full name of the US is number three. Numbers exert their hidden influence, though we are not necessarily aware of their subtle influence. Number three might be the influential factor here that exerts greater influence on the citizens of this country to retain the right to arms for every citizen.

© May 21, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)

Thoughts: Number Three (1+2=3)

Natural laws show the way. There must be a balancing factor to keep things alive when abundance exerts a destructive influence, such as extreme sunlight. The more sunlight, the darker the skin and vice versa. Extreme power needs a counterbalance for sustainability of system’s future.

The natural laws are the guides for life and sustainability of the system. They are the guide posts that we need to apply to man-made systems as well. Everything exerts an influence on each other. It’s all about influence.

© May 12, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)

#3 (1+2=3)

Thoughts: Number Eleven and Ten

Nelson Mandela was inaugurated on May 10, 1994 as the first black president of South Africa. The day of inauguration had the number ten’s subtle numerical energy field as its underlying strengthening energy. But the overall tasks or life lessons which the course of a presidency brings its bearer were subtly influenced by number eleven (5+10+1994=2009 and 2+9=11), which was Mandela’s destiny number. The properties of number eleven, which have a regulating and balancing power, played a role during his presidency not only in his country but also on the world stage. The Presidency of South Africa can be regarded as the highlight of his destiny number. For more information on Nelson Mandela’s numerological profile coinciding with specific events and people in his life see my book “Invisible Cloak–Know Thyself! The Woven Thought Design.”

© May 10, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)

Thoughts: Number Nine

I would like to point out that the ‘life lesson number’ for the drink Coca-Cola, now the world’s best-known soft drink, is number nine. This drink, as we know it today, was created on May 8, 1886 (5+8+1886=1899 and 1+8+9+9=27 and 2+7=9). The powerful number nine, with its properties of completion and universality, is the numerical energetic field for the ‘life lesson number’ of this product. This product is constantly being confronted around the world with the role of take-over. So far, this product has mastered this task quite well.

Likewise, I would like to point out that I have already written several articles about the powerful numerical influence of number nine, which manifests itself in various entities such as Corporation, Business, World, Mails, Islam, Republic of India, and other entities. These articles are all posted here on my Facebook page SUM UNIVERSAL.

© May 9, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)


Thoughts: Number Eight

On May 8, 1886, the syrup for the popular soda drink Coca-Cola was created. Over the years, this beverage has become the best-known soft drink in the world. The creation of this drink happened on a day whose numerical invigoration number was eight. The name, Coca-Cola, given to the product actually manifests the properties of number eight by its name (C=3, O=15/6, C=3, A=1, C=3, O=15/6, L=12/3, A=1 and 3+6+3+1+3+6+3+1=26 and 2+6=8) and through the supporting structure of its eight letters. So here we have amplified the number 8 in many ways: the characteristics of number eight “repetition, strength and transfiguration that lead to responsibility and power” are the subtle influential factors of this manifestation.

In 2013, I wrote a poem that goes with this drink without mentioning its name. But I had this drink in mind when I wrote this poem. It refers to the numbers 8, 4-4, double letters and different characters.

© May 8, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)


Represented by same language
Distinguishable by different characters

I am the force of a double
My characters duplicate my strength

I have been imitated
But none has broken my record

© 2013 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)



Thoughts: Number Five

On May 5, 1961, the NASA space program achieved a successful result with its first manned space flight. NASA astronaut Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. became the first American astronaut to travel to space. The successful outcome of this flight took place on a day whose numerical energy field was number five. Although NASA was not the first authority to send a man into space, this successful outcome contributed to further advances in NASA’s space program and somehow manifested a shift in perceived power dynamics. The number five energy field, with its characteristics of being “dynamic and intellectual, operating in freedom and independence and being in transition”, was the subtle numerical support behind the flight that day. It should also be taken into account that this flight took place exactly 23 days after the first successful manned flight of the Soviet space program, which took place about three weeks earlier on April 12, 1961. And number 23 can be reduced to the single-digit number five (2+3=5).

© May 5, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)



Thoughts: GPS Restrictions Lifted

On 5/2/2000 restrictions on the GPS system were lifted in order to make its use more accessible to civil and commercial users worldwide. This established for the global positioning system (GPS) the life lesson number 9 (5+2+2000=2007 and 2+0+0+7=9).

© May 2, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)


Archives “President Clinton:
Improving the Civilian Global Positioning System (GPS)”


Thoughts: Opening of Internet to the Public

The opening of the Internet to the general public on 4/30/1993 established the life lesson number 11 and/or 2 (4+30+1993=2027 and 2+0+2+7=11 and 1+1=2) for the Internet.

© Apr 30, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)


Article “On This Day 25 Years Ago, the Web Became Public Domain”


Thoughts: Birthday and Energy Field

Our day of birth is our own individual independence day & at the same time our strengthening energy field.

Here I like to ruminate about the energy fields by which we are all impacted and which exert their influence on us until the day our soul energy leaves the body. We all are defined by energy fields that are predetermined. Our DNA is an influential energy field in the creation of our being. But our DNA is not the only influential factor for what we will become. Also, we grow and adapt differently within the mother’s womb dependent upon maternal nutrition and lifestyle. But not only does the physical conditions play an important role in the making of our being but also the mother’s psychological and mental processes she experiences during her maternity. The relationship between a pregnant woman’s psychological well-being and fetal well-being play also a role on the fetal development.
These energy fields are somehow limited to a one-on-one relationship. But with the expulsion from the womb we are thrust into a new sphere of an energy field. This energy field is also very complex with many factors beyond our sphere of control. But every energy field has an underlying system and a beginning. The beginning of our birth is connected to the energy field of a specific day. The energy field surrounding our birth is of utmost importance and plays a pivotal role in the continuation of our life’s journey.

I also like to ruminate about the different calendars that are still used in different parts of this world. Actually, the different calendars may raise the question which calendar or energy field am I to consider in the quest for understanding. I think that the energy field that is most prevalent in our life is the decisive factor. It is no different than the mental and psychological influences that a mother and child experience during the maternity. Whatever calendar is used in the influential sphere of our being that is the pivotal anchor. Converting a calendar to another calendar does not annihilate the original energy field of our individual independence day. We just have to remember that on the day of our birth a specific numerical energy field was amplified throughout that sphere of influence.

I also like to point out here that I started a campaign. I’m independent and would like to continue with my mission without major interruption. The name of the campaign is “Support for Ute’s Mission.” If you’ve learned something from what I’ve shared with the public for over a decade, put a value on it and help me to continue with my mission. Please take a moment to check out my campaign on the ‘GoFundMe’ site and decide whether you’d like to support me on the continuation of this mission. Also, please share this info with others for them to decide for themselves as well. Thank you.

© Mar 25, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley

Thoughts: Water and Number Ten

The chemical formula for water is H2O and the molecular numerical value is number 10. 10 symbolizes totality and wholeness.

© May 19, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)


I’m the number ten
I’m at rest, I’m in equilibrium
I encompass beginning and end

I’m the stronghold of a unitary process
I glow brilliantly
at an interplay of lower and higher energy

I provide for repetition
through duality of two states,
first cause and all-inclusive potentiality

© 2013 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)


June 7th, 2018


Naming a new company or a new event has subtle consequences. The metaphysical influence of numerical equivalents for any language object or other word occurrence should not be ignored.

Lately, I’ve been asking myself what kind of subtle influence the inherent properties of the language entity ‘water’ play out in real life. As we all know, different languages will change the numerical equivalent for objects and other occurrences. Although the natural properties for an object are the same in different languages, the subtle numerical influence of the linguistic entity varies, and therefore manifests additionally different experiences in the sphere of its influence. As an example I would like to demonstrate here some emerging different influences of the linguistic entity ‘water’ for the following languages: English, German, and French.

English (water): Numerical equivalent for the entity ‘water’ is number twenty-two and/or four (W=23/5, A=1, T=20/2, E=5, R=18/9 and 5+1+2+5+9=22 and 2+2=4).

German (water=Wasser): Numerical equivalent for the entity ‘Wasser’ is also number twenty-two and/or four (W=23/5, A=1, S=19/1, S=19/1, E=5, R=18/9 and 5+1+1+1+5+9=22 and 2+2=4).

French (water=eau): Numerical equivalent for the entity ‘eau’ is number nine (E=5, A=1, U=21/3 and 5+1+3=9).

As you can see the numerical equivalent for the entity ‘water’ in English and German is in unison, but the support structures for these language entities vary. The linguistic entity ‘water’ in English is supported by five letters, whereas the German entity ‘Wasser’ is supported by six letters. The numerical equivalent in French for the language entity ‘eau’ varies drastically from English and German, and the support structure consisting of only three letters as well. I would like to remind you here – I’ve mentioned this many times in previous explanations – the subtle metaphysical influence of linguistic entities manifests in slightly different experiences within their sphere of influence. The inherent natural properties for objects or other occurrences remain the same in different languages, but the subtle metaphysical influence of the linguistic entity also manifests itself in a different kind of influence. Therefore we have to know the numerical equivalent for a specific object or word and assess certain manifestations within their sphere of influence according to that value as well.

Water, according to its natural properties, is used throughout the world for the same reasons. But let’s see how the linguistic entity ‘water’ in different languages (English, German, and French) manifests additionally a different outcome while being under the influence of a different metaphysical, numerical value, including its support structure. In other words, are there any kind of occurrences where the linguistic entity ‘water’ manifests outcomes that could be linked to the properties of the value of its metaphysical numerical equivalent? I think we can see that in the following instances:
– The numerical equivalent of ‘water’ and ‘Wasser’ is number four in both English and German. The metaphysical properties of these two linguistic entities indicate that the metaphysical function of these objects is to systematically build something tangible on the material plane. However, this function is assisted in each language by a different support structure. For English, the support structure is number five, and for German it is number six.
– The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is a good example where we can see the influence of number five, the support structure for the linguistic entity ‘water’, quite well. The properties of change, less restrictions, more freedom have an adverse influence on the water supply for the Flint, Michigan residents. Without considering all the actual different reasons for the Flint, Michigan water crisis, the support structure of number five for the linguistic entity ‘water’ can be seen here: change happened, but in a very negative way. But that does not mean that it will stay this way. Change happens here too. Moreover, this change not only highlights this water crisis, but also all other problematic issues that community/society ignore but really need to address.
– Another example of another ‘not so great outcome’ of number five or change is California’s water shortage. Though water has been used in a systematic, orderly way to transform earthly manifestations while improving certain conditions on the material plane, the support structure for the linguistic entity ‘water’, with properties of change, less restrictions, more freedom, can be perceived here, too, but also in a negative way. Too much freedom and less restrictions can cause havoc on a system that requires a balanced approach. The vanishing water resources in California are the result of many different reasons, but they also point to many other problematic issues that have been ignored, but need attention just as much as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
– In contrast, the support structure for the German linguistic entity ‘Wasser’ is number six. The number six embodies properties of being creative, generative, and of service. In Germany, water is considered a necessary natural resource that must be protected and controlled from the source to the last consumer. There are many rules, regulations, institutions, and organizations in Germany, which are in service for its most precious natural resource ‘Wasser.’ The service-oriented properties of number six, which serve as a support structure for the linguistic entity ‘Wasser’, are very well recognizable in the way in which the natural resource water is maintained in Germany.
– Unlike these two linguistic entities, the numerical equivalent for the French linguistic entity ‘eau’ is number nine and the support structure assisting this manifestation is number three. This is quite a different subtle metaphysical influence that this linguistic entity embodies. The metaphysical properties of completion, take-over, and universality manifest through number nine and the question arises here, where does this subtle metaphysical influence manifests in the sphere of influence of the linguistic entity ‘eau’? I think it can be seen in the way water is managed by the public sector in the city of Grenoble. The citizens of Grenoble enjoy water as a common good at a price far below that of privatized water supplies. (See article “How Did Grenoble Start a French Water Revolution? It Made Its Water Management Public.” by Barnabé Binctin.) And the support structure of number three, which in and of itself manifests characteristics of diversity and completion, is the supporting factor to reach the number nine goal here.

© May 31, 2018 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)