Energetic Fields – Virus / Coronavirus

“Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.”
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Has it ever occurred to you that certain events in our lives point to a hidden message that should be exposed and possibly lead us to make changes? Like many others, I am affected by current events related to the coronavirus and in many ways overwhelmed and restricted in my daily lifestyle. This virus turns things upside down that we take for granted. And within a very short period of time we have to adapt to a new situation, which is associated with many restrictions for all of us. Perhaps this whole situation is meant as a wake-up call for us to decide whether we want to continue as usual or whether we take the responsibility to seriously change things for the better for everyone.

During my seclusion I learn more and more about the coronavirus and I start wondering what kind of hidden metaphysical message might be behind the sudden massive appearance of the coronavirus. In my opinion, the easiest way to recognize the metaphysical message is to take the numerological equivalent of the linguistic entity as a yardstick. Therefore I want to know the hidden metaphysical meaning for both linguistic entities ‘virus’ and ‘coronavirus’.

The numerical equivalent of the linguistic entity ‘virus’ is number eight and the support structure assisting the manifestation is number fife:
[VIRUS: V=22/4 (2+2=4), I=9, R=18/9 (1+8=9), U=21/3 (2+1=3), S=19/1 (1+9=10 and 1+0=1) and
4+9+9+3+1=26 and 2+6=8].
As you can read on my website SUM UNIVERSAL, the inherent metaphysical properties of number eight embody the properties of repetition, strength and transfiguration that lead to responsibility and power. We all know by now that a virus is an all-powerful infectious manifestation that replicates in living organisms, destroys the system and often causes disease. The goal is to replicate repeatedly within a system and poison the system so that it can take control. Transfiguration is his method. And the support structure for the manifestation of this purpose is number five, the inherent characteristics of which are freedom, independence and change. The means to keep the virus running are transformation, adaptation and change.

Now let’s see which energetic field the linguistic entity ‘coronavirus’ occupies on the underlying metaphysical energy wheel. The numerical equivalent of the linguistic entity ‘coronavirus’ is number eleven and the support structure assisting this manifestation is also number eleven:
[CORONAVIRUS: C=3, O=15/6 (1+5=6), R=18/9 (1+8=9), O=15/6 (1+5=6), N=14/5 (1+4=5), A=1, V=22/4 (2+2=4), I=9, R=18/9 (1+8=9), U=21/3 (2+1=3), S=19/1 (1+9=10 and 1+0=1) and
3+6+9+6+5+1+4+9+9+3+1=56 and 5+6=11].
As you can read on my SUM UNIVERSAL website, the inherent properties of number eleven are a regulating and balancing force. In itself, number eleven has ambivalent characteristics that, depending on the circumstances, serve as a strong unifier and on other occasions as a strong divider. In both cases, the number eleven plays a pivotal role in the linguistic entity ‘coronavirus’, both in the manifestation and in the support structure. The energy field of the number eleven plays its role while it is attached to another system and at the same time acts as a unifier, but also as a means of separation and transformation.

What could be inferred from this? What specific message could we perceive from the underlying metaphysical conditions of these linguistic entities?

We know by now that the coronavirus thrives through physical contacts. Anything related to closeness favors the virus. The more people come together in the immediate vicinity, the greater the chance that the virus will survive. To counteract this scenario, we have to distance ourselves socially and in many cases need to be quarantined.

Now, we actually could think that the emergence of this occurrence points to a deeper meaning. And why not. Everything is connected, though we often are blind to the deeper meanings of it. At the moment we can see that the concentrated gathering of humans is to the detriment of humans but to the benefit of the virus. We can see very well here that the concentrated community is a breeding ground for the coronavirus. One could conclude from this that the ever increasing population density is a disadvantage for us humans and an advantage for the virus. I think this is the hidden message. The overpopulation should not progress. People and nature have to be brought back into balance. The balancing sword here is the corona virus, which is starting to reverse something. Could this be the real meaning for the current emergence of the coronavirus crisis? We are all part of nature. Doesn’t a virus have the same right to exist as we do? But how do we live without being taken over by it?

Well, there is an opportunity in every crisis. Rethinking, reorganizing, exchanging, dismantling, whatever serves progress for humankind and nature should be pursued. In Venice it is reported that the waterways of the city’s canals have become much clearer and small fish are visibly swimming around. However, this is only due to the city being locked down and as a result there is less traffic on the canals, so that the sediment remains on the ground. We could also see this appearance as a sign of nature, to which all animals belong, including fish, which, like us, have a right to exist and who may not only prefer cleaner waterways, but may also benefit from it through greater survival. There is a limit that, if exceeded, has catastrophic effects. We humans have done a lot to destroy nature and overpopulation is part of it. We have to be much more respectful and responsible in our dealings with nature. Perhaps this is the hidden message that the coronavirus crisis is supposed to convey to us.

© March 18, 2020 Ute Sonja Medley (SUM UNIVERSAL)

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