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While I was still working at Microsoft one day I was reminded of an event that had taken place in 1971. This event was recalled because one of my Microsoft managers made a very unusual remark at an evening get-together at our yearly Summit meeting in 1999.

In that year we had our meeting in Kinnitty Castle, Ireland and one of our managers made an unusual suggestion for introducing ourselves to the group. I considered one of her suggestions inappropriate and nobody followed her suggestion either. Due to the inappropriateness of her suggestion I’ll not repeat here what she had said on that evening. But afterwards her remark made me contemplate about an event that had occurred so many years ago.

While I lived in Germany I visited with two other girls from my hometown Munich. I was almost 18 years old. We camped on a farmer’s land outside of a small town called Fürstenfeldbruck, which lies in the proximity of Munich. After my friend’s future father-in-law, who had driven us to this place, dropped us off at this farmer’s place, we were on our own and without transportation. Therefore we rented scooters to be more mobile.

With the scooter I was able to explore that area and one day I actually picked up a hitchhiker. He spoke only English, and he was a little bit younger than I was. On the day I picked him up, the heaven had opened its floodgates. We barely could communicate with each other because I didn’t speak English. The foreign languages I was learning in school were Latin and French.

I know I talked a lot in German, whereas he was more the quiet one. At the time I thought that he understood me, but that may have been a misunderstanding. We only met for a few hours, but this event belongs, too, to the not so common experiences. It actually took more than a couple months to recollect this specific event and surrounding circumstances.

Without going further into the details of our interaction that day, I like to mention here that I believe that he was an American who was just visiting Germany, maybe as an exchange student at that time.

Since I started to contemplate about this and other events in my life, I was wondering whether I actually had come to the place in the States where he was living. We all know that the Universe plays its melody in intricate ways.

So, here I am, and I would like to know whom I’ve met in Fürstenfeldbruck by Munich in 1971. Who visited Germany in July/August 1971 and was about 16 years old? In one of my books I read that ‘nothing is by chance, everything happens because it has to.’

As the Universe plays its melody, which at times we don’t comprehend to its fullest extent, we can only go along and evolve with time.

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