Crest Night Effects – Part XIII

In one of my earlier posts I wrote that I mailed a letter to the dean of the UW dental clinic on 16th May 2005. In the letter to the dean I stated the following reasons for my request to have the charge of $240.00 canceled.

1. Receiving an incorrect referral (which I didn’t know at that time) from the UW School of Dentistry to Dr. G. at the Oral Medicine Clinical Services on 7th Feb 2005.

2. Dr. G. didn’t use appropriate methods and technological equipment for the examination of my teeth for the reasons why I had contacted the UW School of Dentistry from the beginning.

3. Dr. G.’s reasons for the damage to my teeth were based not on scientific knowledge and the correct use of current technology, but on feelings.

I also wrote that I considered her physical examination and her conclusions neither scientific accurate nor appropriate for a research school.

Additionally, I added that it was not appropriate from Dr. G. to tell me that my perception was incorrect. Dr. G. had told me during the bogus examination that my teeth must have been damaged before I used Crest Night Effects. But I knew that my teeth had looked quite different before I applied Crest Night Effects on my lower anterior teeth.

I also wrote that I had visited a dentist office in Bellevue after I had consulted with Dr. G., and the dentist had confirmed that the damage to my teeth must have occurred after I had taken the x-rays in February 2004. Additionally, I mentioned that Dr. G. hadn’t followed-through with her words. Up to that time I had neither received a phone call nor a letter from her telling me whom else I could contact for further examinations at the UW dental clinic.

Now, two years later I’m writing about this case, after not receiving appropriate service and correct information. Over time it became obvious to me that Dr. G. had a hidden agenda. But she isn’t the only one and is involved in this matter, too. I’ll continue writing about this matter in other posts, but I like to mention here that this ordeal has additionally caused me harm not only financially, but in areas that I’ll confront later.

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