Crest Night Effects – Part XII

After dentist Dr. C. had told me that less abrasion is noticeable on the x-rays taken in February 2004 than the ones he had taken, I called Dr. G. at the UW office. Up to that time I had neither received a phone call nor any written information from her.

I called her on Tuesday, 22nd March, and left the message with her answering service to let me know whom I could contact at the UW so that I could proceed with my Crest Night Effects case.

In the following weeks I received an invoice for $240.00 from the UW. I’m not sure when I received the invoice for the first time. I believe the invoice was dated on March 15th.

After not hearing anything back from Dr. G. and receiving an invoice that I found not only unjust for the actual service received but also for the misguided transferal, I decided to write the Dean of the UW dental school a letter to object the invoice.

I sent the letter to the UW dental clinic on 16th May 2005 per registered mail. In my next posts I’ll write about this letter and the letters I received thereafter from the UW dental clinic.

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