Crest Night Effects – Part XI

Before I continue with the other bizarre incidents concerning the consultation at the UW dental clinic, I must correct one of my previous entries.

I visited the dentist’s office in Bellevue on 16th March and not a couple weeks before I consulted with Dr. G. at the UW dental clinic. I thought I had visited him a couple weeks before I consulted the UW dental clinic, but had only forgotten to write down my encounter with him in my journal. But I wrote it down when it actually did happen, which was on March 16th.

I had told the hygienist at Dr. C’s dental office that I had been in contact with the UW dental clinic because of the damage to my lower teeth. But as of this day I had not heard back from Dr. G. whom I had asked for a name of another dentist at the UW clinic who could carry out actual tests with the product Crest Night Effects.

Though Dr. G. had told me that she would call me back and let me know which other dentist I could consult within the UW dental clinic, I had neither received a phone call nor a letter from her.

Dr. C. who had made some x-rays of my frontal teeth on that day said to me after comparing the x-rays taken in February 2004 and the ones he had taken “I see some abrasion, but less what you have now.” And he added that I should go back to the UW dental clinic and consult with a dentist from the reconstructive department because he also thought that I had been set up with the wrong person.

Since I didn’t have an answering machine nor an answering service I wasn’t sure whether Dr. G. may have tried to call me to give me the contact name for another dentist who I could contact at the UW dental clinic. I neither received a phone call nor a letter from her up to this day.

I had canceled my answering service with my phone company because I have had no use for it at that time, but I had not replaced it with my own answering machine. But on that day I decided to go to Computer City and buy a simple answering machine so that someone could leave a message.

Irrespective of not having an answering machine the encounters at the UW dental clinic were bizarre and everything what followed thereafter. And I’ll write about this in my next posts.

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