The Power of Numbers

For quite some time I have been very active on Facebook and Twitter where I posted important info relating to the metaphysical attributes of numbers.

Numbers are units belonging to a conglomerate of ideas. They represent a particular quantity and quality. They carry a symbolic value. Inherent in numbers are attributes. These attributes are representatives for the metaphysical concept or idea. The numbers’ metaphysical connotations and their attraction, repulsion, or neutrality to each other are part of the psychic of the Universe. Numbers also are omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Numbers are archetypes and their existence does not depend on space and time. Numbers with their inherent attributes already pre-existed in the conglomerate from which the Universe evolved. With their symbolic meaning and substance, they form archetypes and therefore are part of the structure of the “collective unconscious” or universal psyche. Indeed, they partake in the physical as well as metaphysical realm, and manifest themselves, both physically and metaphysically through their diverse metaphysical functions. Numbers, with their individual qualitative attributes, create a symbolic reality serving as the underlying force for our creative reality.

~ Invisible Cloak ― Know Thyself! The Woven Thought Design (by Ute Medley)

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