Number Pi and Calendar

On Tuesday I was reminded that this year is a leap year and I started to ruminate how our calendar is connected with number Pi.

The first 4 digits after number 3 are 14 and 15 (3.1415). Adding up the first 2 digits we arrive at number 14 and/or 5 (1+4=5). Adding up the next 2 digits we arrive at number 15 and/or 6 (1+5=6).

A common calendar year has 365 days and a leap year 366 days. When adding up all the numbers from the common calendar year we arrive at number 14 and/or 5 (3+6+5=14 and 1+4=5). Adding up all the numbers from the leap year we arrive at number 15 and/or 6 (3+6+6=15 and 1+5=6).

Both numbers, 14 and 15 appear at the first 4 positions of number Pi. And our world is a dual world, like day and night. We experience life through opposites and/or correlations. The chemical elements with proton number 5 (Boron), 6 (Carbon), and 14 (Silicon), 15 (Phosphorus) share a connection, but are not totally correlated. The underlying connection of the chemical elements are the physical units the nucleus (existing of protons and neutrons) and the electrons. The underlying connection of the calendar is time itself, which is shared by day and night and dependent on the position of the Earth around the sun. When adding the numbers 14 and 15 together, we arrive at number 29 and/or 11 and/or 2 (14+15=29 and 2+9=11 and 1+1=2). Adding an additional day to February every 4th year gives February 29 days. Therefore I perceive a connection of number Pi to our modern calendar.

The next connection in number Pi (3.141592) to our material world based on the chemical elements is number 92. This number is represented with the 92 naturally occurring chemical elements. Looking at these numbers 3 14 15 92 I see that they correlated with our world in a very systematic way.

Today while looking up number Pi on the Internet I found the following info on Wikipedia: “Contact is a science fiction novel written by Carl Sagan and published in 1985. In Carl Sagan’s novel Contact, π played a key role in the story. The novel suggested that there was a message buried deep within the digits of π placed there by the creator of the universe.”

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