Crest Night Effects – Part X

If you followed my description of the events that pertains to this case you’ll maybe get the feeling, too, that I was not only misinformed but also given inappropriate service or you’d think inadequate.

With time I felt that I was purposefully directed in a demeaning position where I was humiliated and mocked.

I found it also puzzling that nobody cared to take a look at the product itself. Nobody of the attorneys or dentists I had contacted asked me for a sample of this product.

But at the end of last year when I had my teeth cleaned at a dental office in Redmond, the hygienist who cleaned my teeth asked me to give her a sample after I had told her what had happened to my lower teeth. She said to me that she hadn’t seen this product and I handed her an application. I should have asked her what she wanted to do with the sample, but I didn’t at that moment. And I haven’t seen her since.

I had bought at Costco one package that included two packages and each contained 14 applications. Since I stopped using this product after I had noticed that it had damaged my teeth many are left over.

Crest Night Effects

In my next posts concerning this matter I’ll continue writing about the other bizarre occurrences that followed after the consultation with Dr. G. at the UW dental clinic.

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