Wall of isolation and silence

Since I mentioned that a wall of isolation and selective network is being built, I like to share some of my own experiences in this matter.

Many years ago while I worked at Microsoft in Redmond I met a person at Microsoft who did some volunteer work through a volunteer organization here in the Seattle area. He gave me a name and phone number from the organization to call so that I could apply for being a volunteer within that organization.

After filling out some paperwork I was assigned a volunteer job at a nursing home on Mercer Island. I actually wanted to do volunteer work in a nursing home because I think that the elderly are forgotten and given a rotten deal because the emphasis is out of control and only on the young and inexperienced. It’s true the children are our future, but without the elderly there wouldn’t be any children. How is it that a whole culture is so unappreciative of the ones who created them?

Coming back to my volunteer work at the nursing home on Mercer Island I like to mention here that after the volunteer organization had assigned me that place, I was pretty much on my own. No contact person from the volunteer organization existed at the nursing home and/or contacted me. Actually, nobody looked after me there. It was almost like I didn’t exist for them. Just like so many elderly people who are forgotten and ignored.

So, a couple of years I volunteered at the nursing home on Mercer Island, but nobody cared for communicating with me except for Alice who was in her nineties and a very lonely fragile legally blind nursing patient.

My next experience of being excluded and/or ignored involves another volunteer organization. I volunteered at the Children’s Hospital in Seattle and there I found out about the Sovren organization. After I had volunteered for a few years at the hospital, I wanted to do something else. Therefore I wanted to join the Sovren organization that also does volunteer work that benefits the Children’s Hospital.

So I contacted the President by phone and he told me on the phone that he had forwarded my request to the secretary. Additionally he said, “You don’t have to do anything.” Afterwards I never heard from anyone.

I don’t want to get into further details without looking at my notes, but something seriously developed over the years, I continuously was purposefully isolated from group activities that I wanted to participate in. And I consider now some of my experiences that were forced on me bullying tactics and unlawful.

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