Crest Night Effects – Part IX

Before Dr. G. started with her examination, we chatted a little bit about personal matters. She asked me in which area I was born in Germany, and she told me that her husband had gone to a German High-School in Marburg. I had visited Marburg a few times when I lived and studied in Giessen at the Justus-Liebig University.

After the initial chitchat she asked me a lot of questions, which pertained to the questions that I had already answered on the questionnaire. As I had stated previously I didn’t understand why I was compelled to answer questions about ‘pains for different aches.’ But that may have been her specialty. I just knew that I didn’t consult the UW dental clinic for being questioned about ‘pains for different aches.’ I always said to anyone I had met there that I needed to have the damage to my teeth examined and confirmed that Crest Night Effects had caused the damage.

I told her that I had my teeth examined and x-rayed at the LWTC a few months before I used Crest Night Effects. I gave her the info from Dr. R. from Vancouver and the time-frame when using Crest Night Effects. But I forgot to tell her that I had my teeth cleaned and partially x-rayed at a dental office in Bellevue a couple weeks before I consulted with the UW dental clinic.

I had visited the dentist office in Bellevue only one time and that was a couple weeks before I had my appointment at the UW dental clinic. When I visited this dental office, I had brought with me the x-rays from the LWTC. The dentist in Bellevue compared the x-rays taken on that day at his office to the ones taken last year at the LWTC, and he said to me that he sees a difference between the x-rays taken in February 2004 and January 2005. He also suggested that I consult with a physician at the UW dental clinic to examine the damage and cause to my teeth.

Dr. G. examination was mostly conducted in an oral way, but she looked briefly at my teeth and asked me to grind my teeth on blue tape so that she could determine my grinding pattern. After I had grinded my teeth and moved them forth and back in a very forceful way (actually overdoing the grinding) on the blue tape she took a picture of my teeth that were now covered with blue stains. Dr. G. didn’t inquire about any x-rays. She didn’t ask me whether my teeth had been recently x-rayed, she didn’t ask for the x-rays from the LWTC nor did she wanted to have my teeth x-rayed, again.

Her questions were focused solely on what I ate and drank. So, I told her about my eating and drinking habits, which are very healthy and are neither unusual nor damaging to my stomach. Afterwards she said that she felt that having stomach acid, eating a Vitamin C tablet every 4 hours (I chew three Vitamin C tablets a day), and the age had caused the damage.

After she had told me her reasoning for the damage to my teeth I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had mentioned that I have had an esophagus reflux problem in the past, but that had been in 1996 and it wasn’t an issue anymore. After I had taken medication at that time and having changed my eating habits thereafter including not smoking anymore I didn’t have this problem anymore. But I told her that I had sometimes a little bit of stomach acid, which I was able to control with just taking one Tums tablet. And that was not a major problem because it didn’t happen often.

I found her reasoning unbelievable and everything what followed thereafter, too.

She also acted like that the damage had existed before I used Crest Night Effects. I told her that I wanted more tests done therefore I offered to be a guinea pig so that they do tests on my teeth while applying the Crest Night Effects under supervised conditions. Her reply was that she had to talk to someone who is more knowledgeable and she’d let me know. When I left her she told me that she’ll contact me and she asked for my phone number, which I gave her.

When we parted on that day, I told her that I didn’t accept her explanation and that I wanted a supervised test done. On my way out the desk clerk told me that they would bill my insurance company.

Afterwards I just knew that this had not been the right place to visit. I was very unsatisfied not only with this encounter, but with everything that followed thereafter. However, I had no idea what would follow. Therefore in my next posts I’ll describe the other events that are part of this case and are additionally very unpleasant and alarming.

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