Antique malls in and around Seattle

Yesterday, I decided to drive by two large antique malls in my area: Seattle and Edmonds. The one in Seattle was South of Safeco Field and the one in Edmonds on the waterfront. I wanted to check out what kind of merchandise the mall’s dealers offer at the moment.

A couple years ago when I had been more active in buying and selling antiques, I visited quite frequently different antique malls in this area. And I pretty much enjoyed my trips. The antique malls were stocked with quality items, and I always found something that I decided to buy because it fitted to my collection.

But my trip yesterday was quite disappointing and an eye opener. The goods in the malls were of much lower quality than a couple years ago. I felt like I walked through upscale thrift stores. The real good quality collectibles weren’t there anymore.

I have to point out here that I just started to become more active again in buying and selling antiques & collectibles, but it seems like that the shift has been to the Internet. Gas prices, renting a booth at a mall, and paying commissions to antique malls are all contributing factors to consider when selling your items in a brick store or online.

I just noticed that the merchandise on the Internet is fabulous in contrast to the stuff that I saw yesterday in these large antique malls.

In a way I’m disappointed that the malls have changed dramatically, but I’ll have to visit a few more malls to see how others are doing.

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