Arenberg: Hotel “Roter Hahn” (Red Rooster)

Today I thought about something my mother had told me many years ago. The matter is in regards to the inn “Roter Hahn”, which is located in Arenberg and where she had worked for a long time. The inn “Roter Hahn” of Arenberg has a long history, and during the time Mrs. Hoos was the owner of the hotel (inn) my mother worked for her.

I am writing about something that I did not experience directly. This is hearsay. But Arenberg is my hometown, and since I have also worked on weekends and during school vacation at the “Roter Hahn”, I would like to know what has really happened.

My mother told me that, after Mrs. Hoos couldn’t take care of the hotel anymore, the hotel was sold to Italians, I believe, and thereafter the hotel was sold again. After these transactions had taken place one of the statues of a “Roter Hahn” disappeared and even all the guest books, which had been part of the hotel (inn). As a result now no trace exists of the guests who have ever visited this place and had left some kind of memory in those guest books in the 50’s, 60’s and so on. I found this very strange. Why would someone want to remove guest books from a hotel (inn) in Arenberg. I think my mother found this strange too, otherwise she would not have mentioned this to me. Now, I am asking, why would someone want guest books from a hotel in Arenberg? Who had visited this place? What was written in them? What has happened to these guest books? Who has these guest books now?

If anyone reads this post and likes to investigate this matter, please do so, and please let me know what happened to those guest books. I certainly don’t have the time and resources to find out anything about this matter, but maybe someone else can.

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