Hand Drumming with Djembé drum

I love music but I never learned to play a musical instrument until I decided last year in December that I wanted to play the drum. After seeing the movie The Visitor (2007) I felt that it would be fun to play the Djembé drum, just like the widowed professor Walter Vale (Richard Jenkins) expressed in the movie that it is not only fun to play the drum, but an expression of our zest for life.

At first I started taking some private drum lessons with a teacher at the Seattle Drum School Georgetown. For a couple months now I participate in Meetup group sessions SunshineGrove, which meet regularly on Tuesdays. The group sessions that I have attended so far have been very enjoyable, and the teacher and venue location are very good too.

If you live in this area and enjoy the world of percussion and even would like to take up drumming lessons in a diverse educational environment check out this group.

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