Crest Night Effects – Part VI

After my sister returned to Germany, I felt like concentrating on the task to pursuit justice. Thus I decided to give attorney L. a call. I called him on Friday, 10th December.

On the phone he told me that I must have proof that Crest Night Effects caused the damage. I mentioned that another attorney had written me that I may have a viable case, but his workload does not allow taking on mine. And attorney L. answer to that was, “They use this wording because he thinks that you don’t have a case. They are dishonest.” And he added that he is working in this field for 34 years. At this moment I was stunned. I just felt very uneasy hearing that. It certainly didn’t increase my confidence in the legal system.

Attorney L. had a very forceful and dominant voice and he projected an intimidating personality. He asked me which dentist had seen my teeth. And when he heard that I had consulted with a dentist in Vancouver, BC, he said to me, “The laws in Canada are different, and it would be expensive to have a dentist giving testimony here.” Therefore he wanted me to have someone from the UW dental clinic look at my teeth and confirm that Crest Night Effects caused the damage. He added that I should see someone in the “restorative department.” But he didn’t give me a specific name from a person whom I should contact.

While we talked on the phone he asked me to hold so that he could check on the Internet whether adverse reactions had been reported about this product. I heard him mumbling that the number 18 is discontinued and that they use now peroxides. And he suggested that I’d call him again after I had consulted with a professor at the UW clinic. He too mentioned that I have three years to find an attorney.

After this phone call my hope in the justice system were certainly not up, but I knew that I had to continue what I think is right. Therefore I called the UW dental department to get an appointment at the clinic. Since I didn’t know whom I actually should consult with I made an appointment with the dental department that performs the initial examinations. I hoped that they would refer me to the right department and person after I had talked to them. My appointment with the UW clinic was set for February 7th, 2005.

So, in my next posts I’ll describe the different encounters at the UW dental clinic and what followed thereafter.

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