Non-verbal signs

Before I continue describing the events that took place while contacting lawyers and dentists to support me in my product liability case, I like to mention an event at the 24Hour Fitness Club in Bellevue. I not only consider this encounter strange but also part of a staged manipulation with the intent to deceive and defraud. This encounter happened before I met with lawyer K.

On Monday 6th September I went to the Fitness club of which I had been a member for a few years. I visited this club on a regular basis and on specific days, which was known to many who knew me.

At the club is an area that is designated for working out for 30 minutes on a few selected machines. While I worked out there a couple in their forties showed up who I had never seen before at this place. They actually looked pretty shabby and somehow not belonging here. The guy was extremely fat and had a huge spongy belly. The woman had dark curly hair with some gray streaks. Her looks were boyish and she was much smaller than her accomplice. Their garments looked old and worn out and both wore sandals. The fat guy’s belly was robed with a belt that had the words “mutual travel” on it. They looked like they really didn’t belong here.

However, they not only stood out because of their looks and clothes but also of how they proceeded with their workout. I noticed that the guy pulled only 55 pounds down and that was due to his own thundering body weight ridiculous. But as I mentioned before, these people were part of a planned act. I decided to say something to him when he pulled down the 55 pounds across from me. Thus I said, “You can do more than that.” And he replied, “Oh, I don’t want to hurt myself.” Whereas I just thought ‘baloney.’ These people showed up to make a show and to display unspoken signs. I even approached the woman. And she told me that she likes to go to the playground and hang on the monkey bars. Thereafter I asked her whether she had kids. And she replied “3 from 15 to 11.”

I believe that these people showed up to suggest something with unspoken signs. In fact, this method is used incessantly here. People just don’t say a thing, they only display non-verbal signs.

Hammer man

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  1. SUM says:

    It’s translated. See Wortlose Hinweise – March 24, 2007. The articles were posted on different dates.

  2. Keith says:

    Hello been surfing the net for Kids With Curly Hair and found your blog reg bal signs | Ute’s ShadowBlog. You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark this one and come back.