Recently, I read some news articles which I like to share here on my blog.

Dealing with clients who expect you to work for free

The gender pay gap isn’t the half of it: our economy runs on women’s unpaid work

My whole life I’ve experienced the issue described in these articles. Not being paid or underpaid is a problem in many areas. As a writer, artist, and activist the problem can become magnified. To let my readers know what is going on in my life I started a campaign.

The knowledge I acquire and freely share takes a lot of time and hard work. Since I have no income—my writings and art have not yet materialized in any monetary value—and my financial resources are depleted, I need support from my readers. If everyone who reads my writings, likes it, and helps fund it, I would be able to continue sharing knowledge that pertains to all of us.
Knowledge is one of the prerequisites for making well-informed decisions. I would like to continue sharing knowledge that pertains to all of us so that people with less means have also access to this kind of information. I like to keep my sharing of knowledge freely available to all.

Please take a moment to check out my campaign on the ‘GoFundMe’ site and decide whether you’d like to support me. Also, please share this info with others for them to decide for themselves as well. Thank you.

Support for Ute’s Mission

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