I’m an entity with broad impact—nationally and internationally.
My numerical value is number seven and number ten is the
underlying support structure of my entity.
Nurturing and wholeness are the hallmarks of my existence.
And yes, there are times when my entity itself is under attack,
not to say ‘out of control and lacking in common sense.’
We all experience the different influences of being ‘under the weather.’
Why do you think I’m excluded from it?
I’m also part of this great design that works through change.
There is nothing in this world which will not change its form in some way.
In general, I’m an entity whose function is to nurture the
well-being of its society and to function as an
intermediary of co-operating and competing forces.
If you reduce and limit my interactions and responsibilities,
you actually cut yourself short of wholeness and wellness.

© Mar 8, 2018 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)

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