I exist between thirty-one and one.
I exist less than a fraction of a minute.
I’m a moment of a transcendent thought.
I’m part of prayers, hopes, wishes, and events.
I’m in numbers and of numbers.

Actually, I exist between four and one.
Double-digit numbers can be reduced to single-digits numbers.
Single-digit numbers are the foundation stones of all other numbers.
Just add number three, zero and one to arrive at foundation number four.

Four, the energy field of transformative substance and an orderly system.
A supporting energy field for the activities of number one.
Number one, the unifying and dominating force initiating activities.

I’m an energy field shared with the whole universe.
I’m in solitude and all the activities of the world.
I’m the source of anything in existence.
I’m the energy field that manifests everything.
I’m the force that leaves nothing unchanged.

My existence is not attached to any religion or any other beliefs.
Let the new beginning be part of a course toward progress and justice.
Let the new year evolve in a better direction than what we have experienced so far.

© Dec 31, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)

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