I walked in the past,
I’m walking now,
I’ll walk in the future.

I always exist―in any form and shape.

My spirit manifests everything,
But not everything is designed to remain the same forever.

All systems evolve through experiences.
Some are enjoyable and some are just plain horrible.
But how do you evolve if everything stays the same?

Dynasties come and go,
Cultures develop and vanish,
Nature flourishes and changes.

I have times when I’m very productive.
At other times I’m just lazy or not of much use,
Though I prevail and evolve.

What I don’t do in this lifetime, I’ll do in another.

Time is only a constraint for certain activities,
The evolutionary process of the Universe has none.
I am, as any other manifestation, a participant in an ongoing process.

All the while I share ideas to brighten people’s life.
I work myself to death so that my children and their children have a better life.
I contribute in numerous ways to the progress and wealth of this world.
But where does it go?
Who is really profiting from it?
People who utilize ideas to only enrich themselves?
This is not why people share knowledge and their ideas.
There are people who want to better the lives of all.
People want real progress for the world and not just a gilded few who know how to take advantage of an unjust system.

Life is a collaborative endeavor.

Everything contributes in some way to the development of this planet and also the Universe.
I am part of nature.
Nature is my complementary partner,
And we support each other.
Without collaboration this system will destroy itself in a big way and sooner as anticipated.

I designed a system that evolves through experiences.
It does not matter how good or bad the experiences are.
The evolutionary process goes on.
And there will be an end to a system that was not meant to be forever.
Though at the end I’ll still exist, it will be in a different system.

© Dec 29, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)

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