I’m walking down a dark empty street.
My hope is waning, I’ve seen better days.

Drones are flying over my head,
They deliver goods to their customers.
My body stiffens, my mind is raising,
I raise my arm and shake wildly my hand
Towards heaven and scream angrily,
“You took my job, my life, my dignity!”

Suddenly the scales are falling from my eyes.
I see, though the drones took my job,
They work for me and I not for them.
They supposed to make life easier, not harder.
They are the servants to life.
Their work replaces people’s work.
We work with them and they work for us.

Since the beginning of humanity’s path
People share ideas to better the life of all.
All progress is built on ideas.
—Many people contribute to something worthwhile for the betterment of life—
People share ideas not for just a few select,
But for the common good of society.

All work is a combined effort of many.
—People and nature—
Therefore, work replaced by drones or machine-operated systems needs to be taxed, too.

Sometimes the answer is as clear as day and night.
We just have to adjust our perception to the changes of time.

© Dec 15, 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)

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