When time passes
And you know me well,
Will you still be with me
Or will we part
Like the autumn leaves,
Which slowly tumble down
And crumble away?

If I am going to be
What I am actually
Supposed to be,
Will you continue to
Value me, or will you
Try to persuade me,
Or even force me to
Change my ways?

If the outward appearance
Becomes less important to me,
Will you still be holding
My hand when we walk
Along a street where
We can be seen together?

If I care more about kindness
And friendly people,
Will it not be weak in
Your eyes and diminish
Your desire to be with me?

If my values evolve
And my priorities change,
Will you be a patient friend
Who is willing to understand?

If my perception is obscured,
Will you guide me safely
And protect me along the way?

If life is less fun with me
Because I’m taking a stand for
Justice, equality and freedom,
Which makes me a light for others,
Will you be a light on my side?

© 2017 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)

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