Fetal inclusion: undeveloped fetus in fetu

At the emergency operation in 1976 I was not only diagnosed with a tubal pregnancy that had caused the bleeding, the surgeons discovered even a medical phenomenon on me. Attached to one of my ovaries was a “rotted twin”. These were the exact words that the surgeon used to explain this medical finding. Additionally he explained that a twin had been stuck to one of my ovaries, but the fetus had prematurely died. I remember very well when he said to me that also hair could be seen on the undeveloped twin.

Such findings are mostly discovered by mere chance. In my case it was due to my tubal pregnancy, which made an operation indispensable.

Here I think it’s noteworthy to mention that I’ve been told that three other people from my hometown Arenberg experienced the same phenomenon. After I had told a former school-friend that surgeons had discovered this medical phenomenon on me, she said to me that her mother and her husband had had the same thing happening to them, too. And I’ve had the chance to talk with her mother about this. When I visited my hometown last year in November, another woman with whom I went to school told me also that she, too, knows a woman in Arenberg where this medical phenomenon was discovered.

In the meantime I deplore that I haven’t met my twin, but at the same time I know that we all have been very lucky not to develop into Siamese twins.

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2 responses to “Fetal inclusion: undeveloped fetus in fetu”

  1. baby says:

    Nice website!!

    • SUM says:

      See interesting article “Colorado Doctor Finds Foot In Newborn’s Brain” posted December 17, 2008 about “strange growth … fetus in fetu, which is a developmental abnormality in which a fetal twin begins to form within the other” on TheDenverChannel.com.