Crest Night Effects – Part XVIII

Today, I would like to summarize the results of my Crest Night Effects experience. As the situation is now, my teeth were damaged by Crest Night Effects, I received a misdirected and faulty examination at the UW Dental Clinic, and afterwards I was charged for an examination that should have never taken place.

At the end of November 2007, I wrote a letter to the UW in which I stated my concerns about the misdirected and faulty examination and a billing that I consider unjust. As of this day I haven’t received a reply from the UW, but since that day I haven’t received any other letters from the collection agency.

For the past few months I followed more closely news article about medical mistakes and how hospitals will handle the billing process. One article stated that hospitals will tear up bills for medical mistakes. The article was written on January 29th in the Seattle Times. In the article I read the following: ‘”If we can avoid adding insult to injury where patients have been affected by an adverse event, then we’re taking a step that is right,” said Dr. Brian Wicks, president of the state Medical Association.’ I felt the insult to injury as well.

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