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I hope you’ve found the time to visit my author’s website under and my book’s web page on In addition, I hope I raised your awareness for a universal concept, which plays such a pivotal role in our lives. As mentioned in my book, through the discovery and examination of patterns we learn of the workings of this world.

I’ll continue with this blog site and will share more of my life experiences and thoughts with you in the coming months and years.

For the past few weeks I’ve been checking into creating another website where I will offer my book(s) and/or chapters of it as PDF files or e-books to the public. But that is an undertaking that will take some time because I want to create a secure website. Meanwhile you can download my book as a PDF file at I’ve chosen to self-publish my book through because I felt that it is a trustworthy site. The self-publishing firm was founded and is owned by Bob Young, who was a co-founder of Linux software developer Red Hat.

Since I still don’t know which distributor to choose for selling my book at other bookstores and/or Amazon, I have not gotten an ISBN number yet. The ISBN number will not change the content of my book. The ISBN number just enables the author to sell the book at other bookstores too. At the moment, my book can only be purchased at I hope that this will not deter you from buying it. The printed paperback version looks good, so does the PDF file.

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