Pattern: 7 mutations from CRS (Cambridge Reference Sequence)

I already mentioned in the previous post Genealogical DNA research that the results of my mtDNA analysis showed that I belong to the haplogroup X. I received the results from Family Tree DNA in September 2007. Here I would like to mention another fact that attests to my numerical pattern of number seven. The analysis produced seven mutations from the CRS. The CRS (Cambridge Reference Sequence) is the basis for comparison of all other mtDNAs.

If you read my book Invisible Cloak, you’ll see that number seven has been with me in a myriad of ways throughout my life.

(Excerpts from Invisible Cloak © 2007)

While analyzing my life with regards to my numerological profile, I noticed that number seven had been with me from the day of conception like a woven thought idea throughout my life experiences. To my surprise, the number seven showed up in a myriad of ways. At first I was stunned because I didn’t know of my invisible, protective cloak. With time, I understood the “woven thought design” either had filtered out some life experiences or others had been amplified. Therefore, I had a built-in affinity to events, places or people, where the number seven plays an important role in their lives as well.

Life entails influence—we either influence our environment, or it influences us. Even numbers influence us on our subconscious and conscious level. As the world of art and music exert their influence on our feelings, sensations, and thoughts, so do numbers exert influence on our subconscious. Like energy, it’s invisible, but is experienced nonetheless.

Although we are unaware of the numbers’ pull, we’re still influenced by their vibratory metaphysical attributes. The values of these attributes are recognizable through chemical elements, starting with number one. The element hydrogen with proton number one has completely different attributes than the element helium with proton number two and so on. The chemical elements with different proton numbers have different chemical and physical attributes, which are linked with the metaphysical meaning of numbers, whose symbolic values have been validated through experience.

For example, one of the symbolic meanings for number seven is development of the mind. As we ponder this, in the Bible, we read that God rested on the seventh day. Though he rested from his work, He didn’t stop thinking! The seventh day was meant for analyzing, pondering, and scheming. Now consider this: the human head has seven apertures: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth. These apertures are there to see, hear, smell, taste, and speak. They are input and output devices for our body and mind. Indeed, they are tools to individually feed our body and mind and to empower us to communicate. The feeding or fertilizing attribute of number seven represents the chemical fact that nitrogen with proton number seven functions in nature as an essential fertilizing agent. Indeed, without nitrogen, a larger population would starve to death.

Now, if number seven plays a predominant role in your life, nurturing your body and mind is possibly one of the most important activities in your life. In reality, we are part of the divine co-creation process by translating our “woven thought design” into visible reality. By becoming the image of or acting out the symbol, we carry on the symbolic process.

Carrying on the symbolic process can be perceived through our numerical pattern. As you’ll see in a later chapter, my destiny number, which is number seven, has played a predominant role throughout my life.

Recognizing and acknowledging this process of symbolic participation will help us extend our perception and raise our level of consciousness. By bringing forth the “woven thought design” from our subconscious into our consciousness and incorporating its meaning and effects into our decision processes, we empower ourselves and expand and deepen our life experiences, making us feel connected to a supreme cause.

Writing this book is a consequence of consciously implementing the teachings of numerology in my life. Like me, if your destiny number is seven, you’ll find strength in solitude, moments of silence, and in your own knowledge (knowledge pre-existing in the super-consciousness realm and made accessible to us via our sub-consciousness). Destiny number seven represents a nurturing of body and mind, developing one’s mental powers, and sharing your newfound wisdom with the world.

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