Book – Invisible Cloak

Finally, on Tuesday I uploaded my book to the print on demand server (POD). But before I finally offer this book for purchase, I’ve to make sure that it will be correctly printed. Therefore I requested a printed copy which should arrive within the next few days. If everything looks fine, I’ll release it. Today I noticed that the check for the Copyright Office cleared my bank account. It cleared on the same day when I uploaded my book to the print on demand server. I guess the employees at the Copyright Office are very busy.

As I have mentioned earlier, for the past few weeks, I concentrated on the formatting of this book, but I also designed my own cover (cover, back, and spine). A couple weeks ago, I had bought Adobe Acrobat 8 so that I can create my own PDF files, which are requested by the POD server. Designing the all-wrap-around cover was not only a new and unique experience but also an exciting task. And here I would like to mention that I received some valuable input for the formatting and cover design from Kari and Steve. Thanks Kari and Steve.

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