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As mentioned in my article “Book – Invisible Cloak,” I’ve sent a copy of my manuscript to the Library of Congress, Copyright Office, in Washington DC. For the registration of the copyright, the package included a check for $45.00.

Since I never received a “Return Receipt” (United States Postal Service provides a green postcard with the recipient’s actual signature by mail) from the post office, which I had requested and paid for when I sent the package to the Library of Congress, I started to ask myself why I had not received the green postcard. Therefore I contacted the post office and inquired about the whereabouts of the green card. The postal clerk told me that they have no way of knowing why I have not received the green card. But the postal clerk gave me a printed copy of the scanned recipient’s actual signature from the original card. The postal clerk told me that this copy is proof that the Post Office delivered my package to the Copyright Office.

In addition to this inconsistency comes the fact that my check, which was included in the package, has not cleared my bank account. The post office’s record states that the package was delivered on 23rd August. Now, three weeks later, my check still hasn’t been cashed.

I actually tried to contact the Copyright Office by phone this week, but I couldn’t get in contact with anyone. One time, when someone answered the phone, a person just said a name and hung up. That seemed very strange to me.

I don’t know whether they are so busy at this office so that they don’t have time to take calls. I just know that it is frustrating not being able to voice concerns because nobody is available to answer questions.

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