Book – Invisible Cloak

In the past few weeks, I’ve focused on getting my book “Invisible Cloak” ready for publication. I accomplished my second milestone: send a copy to the Copyright Office. Now, I must focus on the publication process, which will take about two months.

Excerpt from book’s Preface:

Ideas and concepts that many have labeled nonsense or heresy due to the former Zeitgeist’s unenlightenment are now integral parts of our lives. We know from our own and our ancestor’s experiences that living comes with no “written in stone” guarantees, with the exception that change always comes to pass. Miraculously, our God-given potential is inherent in change.

What if, at this moment, you want to unleash your hidden personal power to reach your God-given potential? It’s possible. You’re the master of your life. Bear in mind, to change things, you must start with yourself. As Gandhi said: “Become the change you want to see in the world.” Learn to recognize your personal power and use it effectively.

Over time, the scales fell from my eyes, and I discovered a numerical pattern manifesting in my life due to specific life experiences either being filtered out or amplified. The specific life experiences had a common denominator: the same number for their numerical equivalent. After I discovered my numerical pattern, I decided to investigate into this manifestation on a broader scale. To that end I researched and analyzed public data from renowned people. Soon it was obvious that certain numbers were frequently repeated not only in my life but also of those others; e.g., either in dates, house numbers, or in events corresponding to the same numerical equivalent. Through the course of self-discovery, I realized that I needed to write this book in order to share my knowledge so you too could awaken to this concept.

As a matter of fact, this book brings consciousness-raising information to those who desire it, elevating your awareness of the interrelation of our life experiences. Revealing the concealed universal force inherent in birthdates and names, I’ll demonstrate and explain a concept and tool, which will help identify your present life’s unique purpose. For instance, emerging data trails, in context in which they reoccur with your life experiences, are signs of your unique purpose as well as specific life lessons, which you must learn in this lifetime. During the course of your self-discovery, you’ll come to understand two concepts—metaphysics and numerology—that each of us can use as indispensable tools on our path of self-knowledge, self-determination and self-realization.

I present this concept through examples of distinguishable numerical patterns, which I noticed at first in myself and thereafter, in renowned personalities. The examples in this book support this concept, in addition to numerous spiritual and metaphysical literatures whose subject cover the principles for numbers and symbols.

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