A person, I had met when I worked at Microsoft, awakened my curiosity for genealogy. He worked as a translator for a translation company in Germany, and his company worked on the translation and localization products of Microsoft software.

Since I was working on translation projects, I met him on one of my visits with Microsoft translation vendors. After he had told me about his family tree search, I was interested in finding out more about my ancestors, too. After I came back from my visit from Germany, I wrote him an e-mail and asked him whether he could give me a reference for a professional genealogist. Unfortunately, I never received a reply.

After not knowing who I could retain for doing genealogy work in Germany, I forgot about this matter for quite some time. But the thought knowing more about my ancestors never left my mind.

Last year I decided to start my own my family search site. A couple years ago my aunt Elisabeth had given me a lot of information to my mother’s family. Unfortunately, as you can see on my family search site, I have hardly any information about my father’s ancestors.

Now, besides working on my book, I’m also working on my family tree. But that is a pretty time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Nevertheless, I’ll keep working on that, too.

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