Invisible fence

A couple years ago I saw a car parked, with the words “Invisible Fence” painted on it, on a parking lot at an Antique Mall, which I visited quite often. You all have heard the words “glass ceiling”. It is an invisible but unmistakable barrier; not only on the career ladder of a woman, but also of another member of a demographic minority within an organization.

Due to my experiences here in the Bellevue, Redmond, and Seattle area, I’m experiencing another kind of barrier, or let’s call it discriminatory boundary. I know I’m entitled to the claims described under Crest Night Effects. As of today, I have written more than 40 attorneys in this area and informed them of my two claims that call for taking legal action. But nobody showed serious interest in helping me in this matter. Some replied, while the majority kept silent. A few attorneys actually gave me either odd and/or incompetent counsel.

I believe that some of my experiences were not only purposefully orchestrated, but also meant with the intent to mislead. Read the articles about the Lake Washington Technical College. My experiences there had been purposefully manipulated, too. And these aren’t the only places, where I experienced purposefully planned manipulation and deception.

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