Injuries after preventive medical checkup – Part VIII

After the emergency consultation with Dr. N. at Minor & James I called the nurse assistant from Dr. H. several times. Though I had left messages on her answering machine, she didn’t call me back. When the symptoms got worse, having not only constantly a metallic taste in my mouth but also a very dry mouth because of not producing enough saliva, I scheduled an appointment through the appointment phone line with Dr. H. for Wednesday, 13th April.

At this time I didn’t want to switch the medical clinic and/or physician again. Therefore I decided to consult once more with Dr. H. My appointment with him was set up for Wednesday, 11:00 AM. I was at the clinic on time and registered at the front desk.

After I had been waiting for 30 minutes and not been called in his office, I inquired about how long I still had to wait. The desk clerks told me that he lets people sometimes wait for fife hours, and they asked me whether I wanted to re-schedule. I declined to re-schedule.

I not only was sick, but I also was prepared to have a cholesterol test done on that day. Dr. H. had advised me the last time I had seen him, not to eat anything when I would see him the next time. Therefore I arrived at the clinic with an empty stomach so that a cholesterol test could be done on the same day, too.

While waiting I read a magazine and spoke to a Minor & James employee who sat for a while next to me. She had the label Datarecords on her shirt. I waited for a long time until I knew that letting me wait so long was not only not appropriate but also part of a planned action. At 12:30 PM I insisted on seeing a nurse, and the nurse assistant from Dr. H. showed up. I asked her why she hadn’t answered my phone calls. Her reply was that I had asked about my test results and she prioritizes. I thought that these actions were not professional either. Afterwards she told me that someone else would take care of me, and she left for lunch with a black sports bag.

Here I would like to mention that I didn’t know the people I consulted with. Since I knew that their actions and behavior was neither appropriate nor justified I kept a very detailed journal.

When I entered the room of D. H. on that day, it had been a little bit re-arranged; a chessboard was sitting on a counter, more family pictures and a boy standing in front of a cross were displayed. I just thought that this didn’t look like the usual examination room.

I told him of my symptoms in my mouth: metallic taste and very dry mouth. Since I had no idea why I had now constantly, for the past few weeks, a metallic taste in my mouth, I asked him to test for some metals in my blood, too. After he had filled out the form for ordering lab tests, he said to me that I could decide now whether I want to see him again.

I had to wait for a while in the lab’s waiting room. While waiting there a young guy who wore glasses entered the waiting room. He held a digital camera in his hands. He actually sat next to me leaving an empty chair between us and played with the camera. While waiting a nurse whose nametag was M. came in and got herself some water from the water dispenser. I just knew that his and her appearance as well as many other actions had been planned, too.

Nurse A. drew again blood from me. I asked him to use the vein of my arm, but he said that he’ll use a small needle and he pulled the needle out of his coat pocket. This time he filled six vials.

While I was in a small room where blood is drawn, I was a bit nervous to contemplate about the events on this day, but later I felt very uncomfortable about the experiences on this day, specifically about the nurse pulling the needle out of his coat pocket. I recalled the words from the other nurse and the reaction on my arm after she had injected me with a needle.

That day I left Minor & James at about 2:30 PM. I was hoping that the tests results would give some hint at the strange symptoms (constantly metallic taste and very dry mouth due to not producing enough saliva). Dr. H. didn’t recommend any other procedure to examine further the cause of these symptoms.

Now, I’m actually appalled about the different experiences I encountered while contacting various health care professionals in this area. With time it became obvious that something was definitely wrong. I not only was ill-treated without receiving accurate medical care, but also misled by people who neither knew me nor I knew them.

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