Idaho Trip in September 2014

Last month, I’ve decided that I would like to see something different than only my own four walls. One thing that I truly regret in life is that I’ve not traveled enough and have not seen enough from this world. And the older we get, it is all the more difficult to do and achieve the things that we like to do. Since I’m solo since my divorce, I just need to do it on my own. Therefore I decided to wait no longer and to start with my travels here in the States. I started with a short trip to Idaho. I found this trip quite pleasant, but a little bit tiring because I drove from Mercer Island, Washington, to Boise, Idaho, in one day. That was just too much on the road in one piece. Therefore I decided to cut my trip back in half. And that did work out quite well. I arrived back on Mercer Island not as exhausted as at my arrival in Boise, Idaho.
From this trip I made a video. Yesterday I uploaded the video to Facebook and you can watch the video without a Facebook account by clicking on the link or when copying the link into the URL address of your browser. The pictures of my trip are fairly simple and display the places where I have been. The places I recommend not to miss while visiting Idaho are Craters of the Moon National Monument and the city of Idaho Falls.

If you click on HD (High Definition) in the bottom right corner of the video, the video quality will be better.

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