Injuries after preventive medical checkup – Part IV

On the day I came back from my doctor’s visit at Dr. G.’s office, I decided to research for a family physician with emphasis on internal medicine over the Internet on my insurance’s website, First Choice. I wanted to have my blood tested, but I didn’t want to go back to Dr. P.’s practice.

While researching the database from First Choice I noticed something strange. The data list stopped at the letter ‘O’. No data was available for a physician for internal medicine after the letter ‘O’. That didn’t seem right to me. Since I had to find a physician from this list, I decided to visit the clinic of Minor & James in Seattle and scheduled an appointment with Dr. H. for Monday, 14th February 2005.

Sometimes you notice things that seem a bit odd and you just take note of it. Within two days I saw two German built cars, a BMW and a Mercedes that had similar license plates at two different places. The BMW was parked at the Antique Mall were I had a showcase and the Mercedes at the place where I had my mammography done last year in November. On Thursday, 3rd February 2005 I went by the Overlake Breast Center to pick up my x-ray film from last year. Since quite a few strange things had happened to me for some time now, I paid a bit more attention of my surroundings.

On Saturday morning, 5th February, I talked to an elderly man who I had met a couple years ago at a Seattle Sleepless Singles meeting. He told me that he was going to their Saturday meetings. I told him that I’m not interested in going there anymore because I have heard one man saying to me or a woman who was sitting next to me “Now, no men runs after you anymore.” When I had heard him saying this to me or her or us, I was baffled. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know why he was mad at women. I just thought that he is an angry man. Afterwards I didn’t feel like going to the Seattle Sleepless Singles anymore because I didn’t know what this person actually had in mind. And later I wondered what he actually had done.

On Monday, 14th February 2005 I visited for the first time Dr. H. at Minor & James. There I had also a very unusual experience that I found alarming. I’ll write about this and the symptoms of radiation overexposure which developed more severely a little bit later in my next posts.

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