Injuries after preventive medical checkup – Part II

When I arrived on Wednesday at the Evergreen Medical Center for my appointment with Dr. P. I had to fill out at first some paperwork because this was my first consultation with him. I didn’t have to wait for a long time to see Dr. P.

Before I met with Dr. P. a male nurse took my measurements, pulse and heart beat. Dr. P. himself looked at my thumb and asked me right away whether it hurts. After I had told him that it doesn’t hurt, he said, “it’s dead“ and “it could be a fungus.” Thereafter he told me that the medication is expensive and can cost about $600.00 and asked me, what I think should be done. I thought his examination is quite strange. I mentioned that maybe something could be wrong with my blood, and he replied, “The blood is okay.” I was more stunned. I knew that I neither had been a patient of him before nor had he asked me when my blood had been tested the last time; and everybody knows that blood conditions can change rapidly. I also told him that one of my uncles had had cancer on his thumb, and he said to me that he had never heard of this.

I actually started to feel that his examination was lacking more than competency.

I requested that my nail should be tested for a fungus. He gave me a clear plastic bottle and told me to cut the dead nail after it had grown out and bring it back to his office for analysis.

When I left his office my worries were not erased. They actually persisted because of his poor treatment.

After I had left his office, I went to the Microsoft company store to buy some software for a neighbor. A neighbor had given me a package of biscottis on Tuesday, the day before I visited Dr. P.’s office. He said to me that he and his wife had made the biscottis, and he asked me whether I could get him two Microsoft programs from the company store. Since I’m a former Microsoft employee and a member of Microsoft Alumni, I can buy Microsoft software up to a certain limit. I can give the software to others, but I cannot make a profit of it. But I can get the money back I paid for the software. Therefore I bought some software for my neighbor with whom I thought I had a decent neighborly relationship.

On that day I bought the software, gave it to my neighbor and received from him the exact amount I had paid for the software. When I saw him, I showed him my thumb and told him that I wasn’t satisfied with the service I had received today from Dr. P. Therefore I asked him whether he could recommend a good dermatologist in this area. He told me that his whole family goes to a physician in Woodinville and promised to send me his name per email.

Later I talked to other people about my office visit with Dr. P. And they, too, thought that his examination didn’t seem right.

I pretty much decided after this consultation that I wanted to consult with another physician, a dermatologist.

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