Crest Night Effects – Part XVII

Since June 8th I’ve written a short message to several lawyers who handle malpractice and personal injury claims stating my claims and pointing to my ShadowBlog site, where they can get more detailed information. Due to not receiving any reply from quite a few lawyers, I decided to contact a few more.

As of today I received two answers. One lawyer sent me the name of another lawyer. And I wrote this lawyer an email last Monday. Another lawyer wrote me to contact an attorney who I actually had contacted already at the end of 2004. And that lawyer had not only been not supportive, he had advised me to consult with the UW dental clinic where the malpratice took place.

The lawyer who wrote me today pointed out that “Damages including reasonable attorney fees can be awarded for filing frivolous cases.”

Today, I sent a short reply to this lawyer stating that my claim is not frivolous, and I’ll continue writing about my claims and pursue getting legal counsel to take legal actions.

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