Crest Night Effects – Part XVI

Last Friday I wrote fife lawyers in this area an email and informed them of my malpractice and product liability claim. Though I received an answer from two of the lawyers I had written, neither one of them is interested in helping me to pursue my claims. But one attorney gave me the name of another attorney to contact. I wrote this attorney an email message yesterday, too. In the next few weeks I’ll focus on contacting lawyers and pointing them to my website where they can get some essential info about my claims.

While I searched for attorneys in this area and reading articles about malpractice suits in the newspapers, I read the article “What the state didn’t know about doctor, malpractice suit” in the Seattle Times. Reading this article reminded me of my own malpractice encounters after consulting with physicians in the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond area. I not only got severely ill after some preventive medical procedures, I didn’t receive correct treatment either.

All this was very frightening, and I thought that I needed to report this at least to the Department of Health and an insurance company. Though I didn’t pursue any legal actions, I know I had to report the injury and mistreatment to someone who is responsible for overseeing the health care system. For me it was ‘the right thing to do.’ But after having read this article, I’m not sure anymore whether it was sufficient to report the incidents only to the Department of Health and an insurance company who didn’t investigate the case properly.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I should have taken legal steps in these cases, too. I’ll describe some of the malpractice incidents, in a chronological order as they happened, on this website, too, under the theme ‘malpractice.’

And I’ll keep you informed about my claims against the UW dental school and the company who manufactured Crest Night Effects and/or sold the product.

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