Crest Night Effects – Part XV

As I have already mentioned in my last Crest Night Effects post I have to find a reliable lawyer who will support me in my pursuit of justice. Yesterday, I found the letter from Dr. G. in my files, which were, since moving my household last year, not properly filed yet.

After posting this article I’ll contact lawyers to find out what kind of possibilities I have in my pursuit of justice.

Dr. G. wrote her letter on June 3rd, 2005 and she mailed copies of her letter to two other physicians at the UW dental clinic. Her letter consisted of three pages and two copies of scientific papers on ‘dental erosion.’

Without going too much into her letter, I believe a lawyer needs to examine this letter more closely, I noticed a few errors in it. Here I would like to mention only two major errors. One major error was that she assumed that my diet and health history had been constant over the years, which is not the case. And the other major error was that she wrote in her letter that she had based her findings on a different product from Crest tooth whitening.

The product she referred to in her letter was also from the brand Crest, but it wasn’t the product that I had applied to my teeth in July 2004. She confused Crest Whitening Strips with Crest Night Effects, which is a totally different product.

During her examination she actually had not asked me for a sample of the product that I had applied to my teeth. She actually didn’t know the product that I had used and made an assessment that was faulty from the beginning.

As I have mentioned already in my previous posts I should have never been transferred to her. After I had read her letter, I couldn’t believe that I received such a letter from a physician working at the UW dental clinic. Her errors were obvious and her assessment based on the wrong facts. She ended her letter telling me that I could give her a call if I have questions.

Since I experienced a wrong transferal, a bogus examination, and a faulty assessment based on the wrong facts, I chose not to contact Dr. G. or any other UW dental clinic employee.

But the UW dental clinic kept on sending me the invoice that I refuse to pay. Reasons for not wanting to pay the invoice are described in this post and the previous ones.

For quite some time I received the invoice directly from the UW accounting center. Lately, I receive letters from a collection agency based in Tempe, AZ.

The amount of the bill has slightly increased, and it wouldn’t be a financial burden for me to pay it, but in my opinion it is not appropriate to pay a bill that has been wrong from the beginning.

So, here are the two matters I need to tackle with. I have to tackle with an incorrect invoice from the UW dental clinic send to collection and a company whose product has damaged my teeth.

After posting this article I’ll contact lawyers myself, but if you know of a reliable lawyer who works in the legal fields that I need help in, please forward this article to this person so that they can read it and decide whether they want to contact me.

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