Number three

Since I mentioned in my previous post that my invigoration number is number three I’ll like to describe here the metaphysical meaning of number three. Below is an excerpt from my book “Invisible Cloak” that also covers the meaning of the qualitative attributes of numbers. Since my book still needs to be copy-edited, I ask you to be lenient with my English writing style.

First of all, I had just an intuitive flash of the role-play of numbers—I call this now cosmic revelation. It happened while I worked at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington State.

One day I started to say to my co-workers “I’m influenced by number three.” I actually said it a few times without being consciously aware of the significance or metaphysical attributes of number three. I just intuitively knew—below the threshold of my consciousness—that the number three played a significant role in my life…

Since the day I had said, “I’m influenced by number three”, my curiosity for number symbolism was awakened, and I wanted to know specifically what other connotations number three had in addition to its quantitative meaning.

For that reason only, one day I decided to peruse the new age/metaphysical book section at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. There I noticed a numerology book that I had once seen when I lived in Germany. While I lived in Germany, I had not been interested in metaphysical studies although my ex-husband had been. Actually, I was very skeptical about this matter, and I felt aloof towards the metaphysical realm. Now, I decided to buy it. As I previously mentioned, things will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive it. Certainly, the time had come for me to discover and understand…

Coming back to my inquiry about the qualitative meaning of numbers especially number three, I read that most cultures regard number three as a fundamental number, which exhibits the qualities of completion. A simple example for its fundamental meaning is one and two make three, and the three being the result of the action of one and two.

Another example of its fundamental attributes are: birth, growth, and death; beginning, middle, and end; past, present, and future. For Christianity the God-Father, God-Son, and the Holy Ghost trinity are represented by it. In esoteric terms it’s seen as the super-conscious, subconscious, and conscious mind. And the mystic healers of Hawaii, the Kalunas (Huna), know of Low Self (subconscious), Middle Self (objective consciousness), High Self (cosmic Self or God within).

As can be seen from these examples, the number three has the meaning of completion and diversity. The same principle can be observed in physical matter. For example, atoms consist of three parts: protons, neutrons, and electrons. Though they seem outwards as a unity, they are not. But they are interrelated and exert some kind of force on each other.

I learned that the day of my birth twenty-one deduces to the single-digit number value three (2+1=3). Basic numerology teaches to reduce double-digit numbers to a single-digit number by just adding the two digits.

Here I had the answer why the number three played such a significant role in my life. The number three is my invigoration number. I am born on day twenty-one. Numerology teaches that the attributes or vibrations of the number of the day we were born invigorate us, but we are not consciously aware of this principle until it’s brought into light.

Bear in mind, the metaphysical meaning for number three is: the entity conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious are interrelated and exert some kind of force on each other. If number three invigorates you, you’ll gain knowledge and wisdom when your life experiences are taking place on an interrelated diverse dynamic level.

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2 responses to “Number three”

  1. SUM says:

    I suggest that you’ll read my book that will be published soon. Thereafter I’m open for discussion,

  2. Neven says:

    Huh. My suggestions is that you dig yourself out of the numerology hole before it swallows you.

    Just use your brain for a second. “I read that most cultures regard number three as a fundamental number” – duh, it’s the third smallest positive integer. The smaller a number, the more chance of it being mathematically and culturally significant. What if I told you that number ONE was particularly significant in my life?