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You may have already read my post ‘Symbols and numbers’. There I outlined some of the connecting links of my numerological profile showing up in the number Pi. I just read the Washington State history on the web site and I noticed quite a few data and dates that play a prominent role in my life, too. I’m listing the data and dates so that you can see for yourself. You may want to investigate, too, where you can notice a correlation with your own data and dates to the residence of your place.

In some cases I’ll reduce the numbers or dates to a single-digit number.

– Washington State is one of the 48 continuous United States.

Washington State is the first and only state that I ever have been a resident of in the United States. The number 48 can be reduced to a single-digit number three (4+8=12 and 1+2=3), which is my invigoration number derived from my birthday 21 (2+1=3).

– Washington State occupies 66,582 square miles.

When adding all these number together (6+6+5+8+2=27), I arrive at the number of the day when I immigrated into the United States.

– Washington State borders on the east at the Idaho border at 117 degrees longitude.

My life lesson number is 11 and destiny number is 7. Adding these numbers together (11+7=18 and 1+8=9) I arrive at my master number nine.

– Washington State borders Canada on the north along the 49th parallel.

My destiny number squared is number 49.

– Washington State borders Oregon on the south along the Columbia River along the 46th parallel.

The numerical equivalent of my first name is number 46 (U=21, T=20, E=5 and 21+20+5=46).

– 27 settlers petitioned on August 29, 1851 Congress for a separate “Columbia Territory” (named later “Washington”) covering the area between the Columbia River and 49th parallel.

I immigrated on day 27 the United States, and my grandfather was born on August 29, 1889.

– Congress approved the new territory, renamed Washington, on February 10, 1853.

When adding all the numbers of this date (2+10+1+8+5+3=29 and 2+9=11 and 1+1=2), I arrive at my life lesson number, which fluctuates between 11 and/or 2.

– Washington was admitted to the Union in 1889.

My grandfather was born in the year 1889.

– The square dance (or quadrille) was named the official state dance on April 17, 1979.

I married in 1979. When adding all the numbers from this date (4+1+7+1+9+7+9=38 and 3+8=11 and 1+1=2), I arrive again at my life lesson number 11 and/or 2.

There are still some other dates on the that play a role in my life, but that should do for right now.

I just want to mention here that my destiny number seven plays predominantly a role in my life, and Seattle consists of seven letters. The numerical equivalent of the name ‘Seattle’ is number one, which is also the numerical equivalent of my first and last name.

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