Cape Flattery

I just read on another site about the history of the Cape Flattery trail. Now it’s a very pleasant trail, but that hasn’t always been so. Jeff Logan writes on his site that the sightseers from all over the world hiked before the renovation “through a muddy, poorly maintained trail – and risked plunging off dangerous cliffs to see one of the most breathtaking views on the Pacific Coast.”

Cape Flattery caverns

I’m glad that I walked the trail after its renovation.

But some other work is imminent there, too. Work is actually already going on at the access road to Cape Flattery. At the moment the access road is paved quite frequently with potholes. And at times the road is covered with potholes from the furthest right to the furthest left for a length of 20-30 feet or more along the road. And you just cannot avoid these holes by driving around them.

While driving on this road I asked myself several times whether I should turn around because the road was in such bad shape, but I kept on driving because each time after having passed such a pothole stretch I thought that this must have been the last one.

Though the access road is at the moment quite challenging, I’m glad that I visited this place with its most breathtaking views on the Pacific Coast.

Makah Vantage

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