Crest Night Effects – Part XIV

I have to keep on writing about this matter because I need a reliable lawyer who will support me in my pursuit of justice.

So far I’ve not been compensated for the pain and damage caused by this product. Additionally, the wrongful treatment at the UW, not to mention the suffering that I endured because of it, had as a result a bill from the UW dental clinic that I refuse to pay because of reasons outlined already in my previous posts.

I’m pretty much convinced now that someone instigated something against me and due to this person’s influence in this area others have partaken in it. What I’ve experienced here is not only unacceptable and corruptive, it is just plain wrong.

For a few years now I’m experiencing constantly some kind of deception, misinformation, and wrongful treatment when visiting physician offices. Therefore I’m writing about it publicly instead of just keeping it locked away in my private journal.

I didn’t receive an answer from the dean of the UW dental clinic, but I received a letter from Dr. G. who just repeated her conclusion, which she had told me already during her bogus examination. As soon I find her letter in my files I’ll write about it.

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