Available land proportional to population
Population dependent upon natural resources

Natural resources dwindling in alarming rate
Alarming rate of many reductions, all around

All around, work possibilities reduced from automation
Automation and computerization work in unison

In unison with predetermined objectives
Predetermined objectives free from basic human needs

Human needs dependent on land and resources
Land and resources limited and used up

Used up, though desperately needed by all
All cannot be sustained with limited resources

Limited resources, sign of earthly manifestations
Earthly manifestations, manifestation of Self

Self experiencing itself in manifold ways and forms
Ways and forms through universal laws strictly defined

Defined and replicated in manifold earthly replications
Earthly replications, replicated form of Self

Self not dependent upon earthly forms
Earthly forms just expression of one form of Self

Self independent of existence of manifold replications
Replications only a play of possibilities

Possibilities limited by land and resources
Land and resources determining viable living

Viable living not needed for logical system
Logical system demanding no human involvement

Human involvement removed by automation and computerization
Computerization, form of logical structured system

Logical structured system devoid of human expressions
Human expressions not needed for fixed logical system

Fixed logical system becoming standard for all
All not connected anymore through human associations

Associations ever-changing and adapting to available resources
Available resources change from viable resources to logical system

Logical system taking over possibilities
Possibilities without need for earthly replications

Earthly replications only an expression of Self
Self not dependent on earthly replications

Earthly replications and existence are one
One need not billion replications for existence

Existence, form of play to know
To know primary essence of being

Essence of being acted out through infinite play
Infinite play of replicating and subsiding

© 2012 MUSE (Ute Sonja Elisabeth Medley)

Replicating & Subsiding Poem

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