With my poems to numbers I also would like to illustrate the properties inherent in numbers. Whatever your invigoration number (day of birth) is, the invigoration number is your strengthener. If the underlying motives for your decisions and actions are based on these qualities (properties), your life is less scattered and proceeds more in a laser focused manner, while your decisions and actions serve you in your best interest. Also, if you know your destination number (derived from your name), you know better what your destiny has in store for you. For example, if your destination number is NUMBER THREE, your destiny is to become or be tolerant (social), challenge the existing conditions, and add variety to any relationship.

As an example for the possible manifestation of a person’s or entity’s destiny I would like to mention here a country and a well-known person.

The country I like to mention here is the ‘United States of America.’ The reduced double-digit numerical value of this name is number 12, and the single-digit value thereof is number 3 (1+2=3).

The well-known person, whose destiny number is number three, is Bill Gates. The reduced single-digit numerical value of his entire name, William Henry Gates, is number 3.

Theirs destiny number has in store for them to be tolerant (social), open to other people and their views, and be part of their lives.

And when you consider what the ‘United States of America’ is all about, it perfectly fits for the destiny of this country. And I think it also fits to Bill Gates’ life.


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