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Travel acquaintance

Monday, April 30th, 2007

While I was still working at Microsoft one day I was reminded of an event that had taken place in 1971. This event was recalled because one of my Microsoft managers made a very unusual remark at an evening get-together at our yearly Summit meeting in 1999. In that year we had our meeting in […]

Microsoft Office Christmas party

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Another photo incident was plotted at another Microsoft Office party event. And that event took place at Christmas in 1998. That year a younger Chinese man, John, approached me at a Microsoft Toastmasters meeting. That was the perfect opportunity to get in contact with me because we didn’t work together, but these informal meetings gave […]

Photographer and photo

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I just read in a German newspaper that Hugh Grant acted belligerent when asked by a photographer for a photo in his residential neighborhood. Since I wasn’t there I don’t know what exactly transpired. I can imagine that some people were present who witnessed this incident. This article reminded me of a few incidents where […]

Symbols and numbers

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I mentioned already that I’m working on a book, which hopefully will be published this year. The idea to write a book dealing with numerological pattern recognition unfolded in 2003. The actual writing and additional research started in 2004. After I had written down the book’s content to about 90%, I decided to host a […]

Online games and protective measures

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Since my student times I like to play chess. Christoph a medical student who rented the apartment above my flat-sharing community taught me this game. When I play chess I tune out and focus only on playing the game. After I played chess I’m invigorated for other tasks. I started to play chess online when […]

Crest Night Effects – Part XII

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

After dentist Dr. C. had told me that less abrasion is noticeable on the x-rays taken in February 2004 than the ones he had taken, I called Dr. G. at the UW office. Up to that time I had neither received a phone call nor any written information from her. I called her on Tuesday, […]

Crest Night Effects – Part XI

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Before I continue with the other bizarre incidents concerning the consultation at the UW dental clinic, I must correct one of my previous entries. I visited the dentist’s office in Bellevue on 16th March and not a couple weeks before I consulted with Dr. G. at the UW dental clinic. I thought I had visited […]

Crest Night Effects – Part X

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

If you followed my description of the events that pertains to this case you’ll maybe get the feeling, too, that I was not only misinformed but also given inappropriate service or you’d think inadequate. With time I felt that I was purposefully directed in a demeaning position where I was humiliated and mocked. I found […]

Wall of isolation and silence

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Since I mentioned that a wall of isolation and selective network is being built, I like to share some of my own experiences in this matter. Many years ago while I worked at Microsoft in Redmond I met a person at Microsoft who did some volunteer work through a volunteer organization here in the Seattle […]

Non-transparent selection?

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I just noticed that none of my pictures, which I had uploaded at the beginning of March to the Panoramio site, are displayed in Google Earth. Therefore I visited the Panoramio forum and searched for posts that deal with the same problem. As a matter of fact I found that others have the same problem, […]